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Speaker, DJX, MEX, PBX

With pleasure, let me be the first to welcome you to the Disc Jockey Hub! Year after year as I’ve spoken at DJX, PBX and the all-new MEX, I’ve noticed just how disjointed all the industry resources are in our world. Each company providing resources to DJs seems to be sitting on it’s own little island, without any sort of central “jump-off” portal that DJs can rely on to get them sorted out. Our goal with Disc Jockey Hub is to change all that, with a comprehensive site that pulls it all together.

I hope you make use of Disc Jockey Hub in the future, and that it helps you become a better DJ.

@discjockeyhub Welcome all DJs to, and thanks in advance for the Follow! #dj #discjockey #djx #mex @djmikemarquez @rossakselrad ♬ original sound – Disc Jockey Hub

Our skilled and experienced Executive Team has 79 years of experience…and counting!

Disc Jockey Hub is made up of industry veterans for every one of our business lines. Whether it’s Mobile or Club…or the Marketing behind your brand, our names speak for themselves. We’ve got you covered!

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Disc Jockey Academy
Online Video Courses given by some of the best in the industry, both ON and IN your business. New content uploaded every month, and custom Training should you need it.
DJ Playlists
No time to make your Playlists and get them into your laptop? DJ Playlists has you covered, withLocal and International Playlists, Crate creation and uploading...and much more!
DJ Marketing
Disc Jockey Marketing creates and executes on Websites, SEO, Social Media, List Marketing...but with a twist where everything we do is focused on the DJ Industry and it's special needs!
Disc Jockey Hub is coming soon. Here's a few words from key people with the company.

Disc Jockey Hub aims to sort out the diaspora of the DJ Industry, so that Jocks everywhere can get the help that they need ASAP.
Helping DJs get to what they need, quickly.